How to optionally incude content

//.Selection of stories for //date will be added
$MDATE=2019-07-25 // only content that matches this date will be included
$include incstd.txt
$command=writeup -y $FILENAME // turn html into pdf file using wkhtmltopdf2
$command+= && wkhtmltopdf2 $pdfopt $FILE.html $FILE.pdf && rm $FILE.html
$pdfopt=-s Letter -L 10 -R 10 -T 10 -B 10 --zoom .9

$story($sdate, line $title)={
  $if !$instory||!!>||$endif
  $if $MDATE==$sdate

$story 2019-07-25 My Story for Today
On England’s throne sat Mary, the daughter of Henry VIII., who had been brought up by her mother, Catharine of Aragon.
Soon the jails were filled, the fires kindled in Smithfield, and the whole land was one scene of desolation, and the Protestants were hunted as partridges on the mountains.
But this did not last long...

$story 2019-08-25 My Story for another day
I started noticing during that intense week a shift of my attention toward transformation more than pathology. It was such a revelation for the therapist I long to be, a catalyst tracking « aliveness in my clients and myself » and articulating it in such a precise way. For me AEDP is the most integrated model of therapy since it is considering every bit of the human experience that makes life worth living: the experience of transformation, suffering, emotion, aliveness and relationship to others and oneself. It profoundly affected my way of relating to...