Writeup 2.0 RC-3 released

The third release candidate for Writeup 2.0 has been released. The binary can be downloaded from Google code Writeup binary v1.94.03. It will be made available on sourceforge in a few days along with a new shell script for invoking it that extracts multiple commands from the source file and runs them.

Release of Drupal 6 module

The first non-development release of the <^http://http://drupal.org/project/writeup^Drupal 6 Writeup module^> was made today.
As well as tidying up some minor code style formatting, the release adds an error message if the Writeup processor issues any warnings or errors.
The Drupal 7 version should be coming soon!

Fonts that best display symbols

This is a test of various symbols and how they display in web fonts. First we have to test what fonts are installed on typical browsers.

Test of Fonts Installed

If not installed, will show as Webdings, (assuming Webdings is on your computer).

A Plea From 16 Most Overused Fonts

Fun post about overused fonts:

Fonts that got together with a plea to give them a break and forget about their existence for the next 25 years.

Every typeface ever designed was created to serve a certain purpose with a specific mood or tone. In addition to the individual traits of each font and its family, there are only two kinds of types — display and text. Display faces, known for their decorative features, are meant to be used sparingly and in bigger sizes, they are illegible otherwise. Text faces are great for extensive amounts of readable copy, they commonly sport a conservative no-frills look. More here: www.inspirationbit.com/…-fonts

Linux Font Equivalents to Popular Web Typefaces

Very useful article:

I have written before about my admiration for Web typography, and in that article I touched on the fact that many “Web safe” fonts can’t be applied to Linux. Linux distributions each ship with their own font libraries, but I’d like to focus on similar typefaces you can use within a font-family to help make your design bulletproof.
Like Windows & OS X, Linux does type too

I’ve been a Linux user for some time now, and Linux is my platform of choice both at work and at home. My distribution of choice is Ubuntu not because it’s the most popular, but because I’ve tried a wide variety of Linux versions, and Ubuntu works the best for me. I say this because I’m going to focus on the fonts that ship by default with Ubuntu, so there may be some discrepancy among distributions.

more here

html to pdf conversion with pisa/xhtml2pdf

Up until now I have been using wkhtmltopdf to create pdfs, but is seems there is another alternative to explore: http://www.xhtml2pdf.com and http://pypi.python.org/pypi/pisa/
I'll report back with a comparison.

Converting ASCII values > 128

ASCII is not standardized for values over 127, but common implementations use ISO-8859-1.
the iconv and other utilities are described here Almost Everything You Need to Know about Charset Encoding, UTF-8, ISO-8859. Conversion and More

A quick and dirty translation of some characters into standard ASCII can be done with sed:
for ASCII table, see http://www.ascii-code.com/

sed -e 's%^~%$VER=1.45\n~%' \
-e 's%\x91%\x27%g' \
-e 's%\x92%\x27%g' \
-e 's%\x93%"%g' \
-e 's%\x94%"%g' \

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