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Creating a custom status page for the Drupal Writeup input filter

  • The Writeup input filter now contains an api function writeup_status($ssql) which may be called from any page that has the php input filter turned on.
  • To emulate the built in writeup_status page, create a new page with the php input format and use this code. It will list all body fields that use the Writeup filter:
$sql = "SELECT n.nid, t.name AS format, r.format AS format_id, r.title, r.body FROM {node} n
  JOIN {node_revisions} r on r.vid = n.vid
  JOIN {filters} f on f.format = r.format
  JOIN {filter_formats} t on t.format = r.format
  WHERE f.module='writeup'
  ORDER BY t.name, r.title";
print writeup_status($sql);

Release of Drupal 6 module

The first non-development release of the <^http://http://drupal.org/project/writeup^Drupal 6 Writeup module^> was made today.
As well as tidying up some minor code style formatting, the release adds an error message if the Writeup processor issues any warnings or errors.
The Drupal 7 version should be coming soon!

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